We offer some different options for betting tips:

1. Profi tipster special:

This is the type of betting tips where our customers have to bet with a big amount of money and have some really big budget. High rollers are using this option and they bet with no less than €400-€500. With this type of tip, you can make a good win strategy because we give you 1 tip for free when you lose. Don’t hesitate to contact us, if you have some questions.

2. Tennis tip:

This type of betting tip is for the bettors who don’t want to bet as usual on football matches and know something about the tennis games. Our tipsters choosing the matches every day from the betting card and after analyzing the weather, injuries, suspensions and some more information, they give you 1 tennis match to bet. You can contact us, if you want some more information.

3. Parlay tip:

Everybody knows what parlay is but still, we tell you about. Here we give you 2 matches with combined odds (1.8 – 2.5). The odds depends on the daily betting card and some more information that we analyze and buy. So you can bet on this 2 matches and get some good odds. We usually take Europe matches, but sometimes there are some exceptions. For more information, contact us.

Read before betting: don’t care responsibility for your actions and bets. We only provide tips and we can’t guarantee you success or profit. All you can give you is the matches and you have to decide for yourself how or where to bet. Your budget is your business and we are not responsible for your loses, when you use our tips and predictions.

Good luck!