Romania – Armenia

Romania hosts Armenia in a match from Group E of the World Cup qualifiers in Europe.Both teams are having the same amount of points after the first six rounds – per 6. They both have some chances to attack the second place in the group, but they must win their next game at any cost to keep this hope alive.Times are not good for the Romanian team. They are currently in a run of four consecutive games without a win, winning just 2 points out of 12. This is just another disappointment for Romania, who find it really difficult to qualify for a big competition in the recent years.They have a record of one win, three draws and two losses with goal difference being 7:7. They surely had bigger hopes, because this group is not that hard, but their hopes were almost destroyed by the team’s result.In their last match, Romania suffered a 1-3 defeat against the leader Poland.As for Armenia, they have a record of two wins and four losses in their campaign so far. Their goal difference is 7:14. In their last game, Armenia suffered a heavy 1-4 loss against Montenegro. Before that, they were in a run of two consecutive wins in the group.We could say that these two teams look very even at the moment. They are not among the best on the continent, but they are not typical underdogs as well. Romania and Montenegro have some good players in their squads, but not good enough teams. And a good team is always more important than a good player, just as we know very well. We expect a competitive game between them. It’s a difficult match to predict, but we assume that Romania has the home ground advantage here.