Norway hosts Northern Ireland in a match from Group C

Norway hosts Northern Ireland in a match from Group C of the World Cup qualifiers in Europe.Just around before the end of the cycle in this group, Norway does not have a chance to progress. They are currently 4th in the group with 10 points. Meanwhile, Northern Ireland is 2nd in the group and they are going to finish the campaign at this position. This means that they are going to participate in the playoffs.Norway still has a theoretical chance to beat the Czech Republic for the third spot, if they win their last game. But it’s a long shot since Czech Republic’s last match is against the total outsider San Marino. But at the same time, they could lose the 4th place to Azerbaijan if Azerbaijan sensationally takes something from Germany in the last round.Northern Ireland is clearly the second best team in this group. Their only defeats so far came against the total favorite Germany. They continue to show some great things, after qualifying for the Euro 2016 in the last qualifiers. Now they are close to qualifying for the World Cup as well.Northern Ireland has a record of six wins, one draw and two losses in this group. Before the loss to Germany in Belfast, they were in a run of four consecutive wins. They are doing very good in this group.For Norway, this is just another disappointing qualifying campaign. There’s a long time since this country played a big football event. They have a record of three wins, one draw and five losses in this group and it’s just not good enough for a successful campaign. They will try again next time, but they certainly need to improve, if they really want to achieve something. Now they can at least finish this campaign on a high note.