New ideas for parlay bet

Any new ideas for parlay bets? Don’t you have one? Don’t worry! We will offer you our combo bet tip for the next time you try your luck and skills.

Now we present you the strategy which is built upon betting on three games, where you pick the home team to win with odds between 1.50 and 1.80. Why exactly these odds? Because they are pretty high, but at the same time they are more close to the “safe zone”. Or in other words – yes, there’s a risk for you, but the risk is significantly lower than in other situations.

Your main task here is to pick the games where you think that the home teams will win. Remember that you need at least 2 games because the main idea is the odds to be multiplied, so your profit could be much bigger as well.

The games where the home teams have odds like these for winning are usually the ones where the home team is the favorite to win, but not “a great” favorite. The home team is the stronger team, but if this team doesn’t win, it won’t be some kind of a shock or sensation. The game is more balanced than in the cases where the odds are between 1.10 and 1.30. In these cases, one of the team is an absolute favorite to win the game.

Your goal here is to do a good research and pick the right games for the job. Be careful how you do it. These odds could be very tricky because they tell you that it’s an easy task, but in most of the cases, it is not.

This is our parlay bet tip for you. We wish you a good luck if you have decided to try your skills with this strategy.