HB Køge – Vendsyssel

HB Køge welcomes Vendsyssel in a match from the 22nd round of the Danish 1st Division. Let’s examine this game and see what is it about.HB Køge is currently 7th in the 1st Division with 33 points won so far. Their record shows 9 wins, 6 draws and 6 defeats. In their last five games, HB Køge won twice and made two draws, but suffered a 0-1 loss during the visit to Viborg in the last round.Although HB Køge is 7th in the league standings, they still have a solid chance to chase a promotion to the Superliga. Right now HB Køge is just 3 points behind the 3rd Vendsyssel, who they are about to meet now. A win in this match will change a lot of things for HB Køge.How we said, Vendsyssel is 3rd in the 1st Division with 36 points won so far. They have a record of 10 wins, 6 draws and 5 defeats since the beginning of the campaign. In their last five matches, Vendsyssel is showing a lot of inconsistency – two wins, two losses and a draw against Frederica at home in the previous round.Right now Vendsyssel is just one point behind the 2nd Esbjerg, so for the three points would mean climbing up in the league.Clearly, it’s an important clash between two teams who have ambitions to play in the Superliga next season. Right now Vendsyssel is the team in a better position, but the difference between them is very small. HB Køge has the home ground advantage here, so they will try to use it in their favour.This is our take on the 1st Division match between HB Køge and Vendsyssel. Both sides have a lot to play for, so we are expecting a very interesting game here.